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Voices of Vision: Yukon Aboriginal Self-Government Podcast Series

Local Organization, Project

Provided By: Mapping the Way

The Yukon is a land of trailblazers in Aboriginal self-government. Since 1995, 11 of Yukon's 14 First Nations have become self-governing, and account for more than half of the national total of self-governing First Nations. 

In this podcast series, Voices of Vision: Yukon Aboriginal Self-Government, some of the key people who have been involved in the continuing journey of self-government and implementation share their stories in their own words.

The podcast series, Voices of Vision: Yukon Aboriginal Self-Government, was created in partnership with the Council of Yukon First Nations, the Government of Yukon, the Government of Canada and Self-Governing Yukon First Nations.

Understanding the Yukon Final Agreements - Land & Resources

Local Organization, Project

Provided By: Mapping the Way

Each First Nation in their Final Agreement names areas within their Traditional Territories that are designated as Special Management Areas. Working with Government of Yukon and Government of Canada, they develop joint management plans for these areas.

Learn more about how the Agreements are being implemented to create and protect territorial parks, national parks, and other natural areas of the Yukon.

This resource shares stories and case studies that showcase the Agreements in action to support people in understanding these documents and their role in the Yukon's daily and future life.

Understanding the Yukon Final Agreements - Heritage & Culture

Local Organization, Project

Provided By: Mapping the Way

Chapter 13 of the Final Agreements is all about Heritage, which includes the designation and protection of historic sites.

The sites are locations that have shaped a way of life for Yukon First Nations and throughout Yukon’s history. They are the places that were used for fishing or hunting, where villages and gathering places stood, or were strategic locations for trading and other activities. Many of these sites are landmarks within Yukon communities and are connected with remarkable people or events in our history.

This resource shares case studies and stories of historic sites that have been designated through the Agreements and shares easy-to-understand information about what the Agreements are and how they impact the daily and future life of the Yukon.

There Is A Cure For Hepatitis C Informational Pamphlet


Provided By: Blood Ties Four Directions Centre

A guide to understanding treatment options for Hepatitis C.

Best Practices for Health and Social Service Providers Working With People Who Use Drugs


Provided By: Blood Ties Four Directions Centre

Blood Ties is an organization dedicated to eliminating barriers and creating opportunities for people to have equitable access to health & wellness, and promoting the dignity of the most marginalized in our community. 

This project was conceived to inform Blood Ties' practice and interactions with people who use drugs. It is shared in the hope that other health and social service providers will find it useful for strengthening their relationships with clients who use drugs.

This project was designed to discover which factors made relationships between clients and service providers more successful and to identify barriers that people who use drugs face when accessing social services

Situational Analysis of Yukon First Nation Health & Social Department Workplace Realities

Project, Publication, Template

Provided By: Council of Yukon First Nations

An executive summary of a report on a study conducted through the Aboriginal Health Human Resource Initiative (AHHRI) circa 2009-2010, led by Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) staff and conducted by Metamorphosis Change Management . The study was a community-based situational analysis to assess Yukon First Nation health and social workplace realities with respect to:  job satisfaction; mental health; cultural competence; core competencies; and how these factors relate to the needs and expectations of Yukon First Nation health and social staff and departments. The purpose of the report was to document observations on current Health and Social Department best practices and challenges and create a toolkit (which is located in the appendices of the report).

MAPP Career Test

Counselling Service

Provided By: Third Party Website

The 22-minute MAPP test comprises 71 different questions regarding your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, and should be taken rather quickly, since the ‘reflexive’ answer is preferable to the ‘intellectual’ answer.

The MAPP test has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists, including correlating the results to the Strong Interest Inventory®. Reliability studies also indicate that the MAPP test is consistent over time.

After completing the test, you can see your results immediately. Your personal test results are scored against over 1000 jobs, and you can see what jobs are the best fit, along with the education needed and career outlook.

123 Competency Test

Counselling Service

Provided By: Third Party Website

Assess your competencies with this free Competency test

  • "What are my strengths?" Compare yourself with others in the labor force
  • Measurement of the 16 most common and work-related competencies
  • With development tips for each competence
  • It takes 15-20 minutes to complete this test

Whitehorse Individual Learning Centre

Local Organization, Program

Provided By: YG Education - Advanced Education Branch

The purpose of the Individual Learning Center is to re-engage students in an educational setting in order to provide an opportunity for each student to achieve their high school graduation. It is the philosophy of the Staff that every student who enters our facility has the ability to complete their academic graduation requirements. At the ILC, we recognize that it takes a lot of courage for a student to re-engage in their educational journey and inquire about the possibility of completing high school.

Career Aptitude Test

Counselling Service

Provided By: Third Party Website

What career best fits your personality? This free career aptitude test can give you insight into your job personality. Based on a characterization of your personality in terms of Holland Code personality types, you will learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you best. The results of this career test provide you with a list of professions and occupations that fit your career personality.

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