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Simple Budget Worksheet


Provided By: Third Party Website

Budgets don't have to be complicated to be effective. A simple budget can go a long way towards helping you get your finances in order. Download this simple budget and get started right away. 

Rebuilding Yukon First Nations Literature Review - Effective Training Areas, Approaches and Techniques


Provided By: Training Policy Committee

In 2016, the Training Policy Committee contracted a literature review of indigenous nation rebuilding, which took a comprehensive look at what has been written about the process of rebuilding nations, including the essential training areas, and what are the best training models and approaches for Yukon First Nations to adapt and use. The intention was also to have a final document which would provide First Nations with easy access to well-researched rationale they can reference when planning training and applying for funding.

Resume Builder


Provided By: Third Party Website

This website will guide you through the steps of creating a resume from start to finish. Simply select a design, fill in your information, then download and print the resume! 

Training Policy Committee

Local Organization

Provided By: Training Policy Committee

The Training Policy Committee (TPC) was created out of Chapter 28 of the Umbrella Final Agreement. It supports capacity building initiatives that develop knowledge, capabilities and skills to enable (directly or indirectly) the implementation of Yukon First Nations’ Final Agreements and Self-Government Agreements. We do this by providing funding; initiating, championing, and coordinating projects; and acting as a hub of knowledge, expertise, and resources.

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