At Wayfinder we know training is valuable but can be expensive, and funding can be hard to find. So, we've compiled funding for training available to Yukon First Nations here, in one convenient place. 

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Regional Economic Development Fund

Funder Yukon Government - Public Service Commission

Accepting applications

The Regional Economic Development Fund (REDF) provides funding for economic planning, opportunity identification and capacity development at the regional and community level in Yukon. Regional Economic Development advisors will help you develop your proposal, give advice on the scope of your project and identify project partners or alternative funding sources.

Heritage Training Fund

Funder YG Education - Advanced Education Branch

Accepting applications

Funding short-term training which will advance and enhance Yukon independent heritage works, groups, and collectives of workers' capacity to obtain or create employment

Professional and Institutional Development Program

Funder Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Accepting applications

The Professional and Institutional Development Program is a plan-based contribution program that is designed to enable First Nation communities to increase their governance capacity through locally, regionally and nationally developed initiatives.