Professional and Institutional Development Program


Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada – Yukon Region has an annual budget to fund projects that will benefit the governance capacity of First Nation communities in the Yukon and three in British Columbia that currently fall within the Yukon office's responsibility (Daylu Dena Council, Dease River First Nation and Taku River Tlingit First Nation).

Activities that are eligible must develop the capacity of communities to perform ten core functions of governance:

Community Involvement
External Relations
Planning and Risk Management
Financial Management
Human Resources Management
Information Management / Information Technology
Basic Administration

Applications should be based on the initiatives and projects contained in a recipient’s Community Plan. This approach will allow funding to focus on the highest priorities identified by First Nations, and reduce the need for multiple, detailed funding proposals. The format of the Community’s Plan is the decision of each community. This could include: Management Action Plans, Strategic Plans or Comprehensive Community Plans. If you do not already have a capacity development plan in place you may wish to use the Governance Capacity Planning Tool that is available on the Department's website.

Upon receiving a First Nation funding submission, a federal regional committee is established to conduct criteria-based assessments.   All First Nations in Yukon and three in northern British Columbia are eligible to apply, and efforts are made to support a cross section of projects from multiple communities. Please see Annex A, on the P&ID website, for a more comprehensive list of eligible projects, activities, expenditures, and restrictions on approvals.  See the Project Inventory for a list of previously approved projects.

Submit completed plans or proposals to the contact listed below. The criteria-based assessment process ensures that all plans or proposals are evaluated objectively by Regional Professional and Institutional Development Program Assessment committees against the Terms and Conditions of the program, community needs, risk, and availability of funds.

Current Status:
Accepting applications
What is the deadline:
How much can I apply for:
Projects generally range from $5 to $50 K and flow through "flex" funding agreements with the recipient. Reporting is required at the end of the fiscal year. In the event of unspent funds due to an unfinifshed project, the recipient and Intergovernmental Affairs Officer will discuss project status, reasons for unspent funding and examine options to continue the project.
Who can apply:
First Nation communities in the Yukon and three in northern British Columbia that currently fall within the Yukon office's responsibility (Daylu Dena Council, Dease River First Nation and Taku River Tlingit First Nation).
Eligible activities:
Admin Costs, Culturally Relevant Expenditures, Equipment and Facility Rentals, Instructor / Professional Fees, Job­Shadowing / Mentoring, Printing and Advertising, Program Supplies / Equipment & Materials, Training/courses/workshops, and Travel & Accommodations
Who can I contact for help:
Anyes Dimsdale, Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
How do I apply:
Visit Funding