Wilderness First Aid and CPR


Wilderness First Aid is essential training for those who work, travel, or play in remote areas more than one hour from advanced medical care. This course prepares candidates to deal with the types and degrees of trauma they will realistically encounter while on the land. These skills are critical in sustaining an injured casualty, minimizing the effects of the environment, preventing infection, and coordinating patient care and evacuation in high consequence environments.

WFA differs significantly from Standard First Aid in its' demand for a deeper understanding of the impact of injury and illness on the patient and how best to organize resources. Candidates are required to think through challenges and apply problem-solving skills as opposed to simply following prescribed to-do lists.

Additional benefits of this training to employers include:

  • Contribution to the development or improvement of effective work Threat Hazard Analysis and Safe Work Plans;

  • Increased critical and high-stress decision making skills;

  • Candidate personal-self-growth;

  • Team building. 

November 2-4, 2022, 9:00am to 5:00pm daily

** Students should come prepared to be outdoors in any weather, and wear clothing that can get dirty.

  Wilderness First Aid and CPR
3 days | Minimum 8 participants 

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Arctic Response Canada Ltd.
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Minimum class size is 8.
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