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The Heavy Equipment Operators Course (HEO) offers three levels of training, allowing continued progression for the worker based on the number of hours completed between courses.  This ensures that the worker will receive instruction that is not only challenging but progressive as they start their careers as heavy equipment operators.  

Each 8-10 week program provides a balanced approach beginning with a week of safety training, which includes a selection of courses like First Aid, WHMIS, Fire Extinguisher Training, Ground Disturbance, and Spill Response. 

*These safety courses are also be made available to other members of the community up to the maximum student levels for the course.  

Safety training is followed by systems theory classes where the students will learn about the integral systems on the heavy equipment and how to maintain them in a safe manner.  

Maintenance theory classes are next, and a maintenance blitz will then be completed to ensure the equipment is maintained to the WSCC standards but also to ensure the machines are kept up to standard after the completion of the course by training the students how to complete.  

The final 5.5 weeks consists of practical training on the equipment, completing a selection of tasks which will not only gradually improve their skills and confidence as new equipment operators but also give experience in the different sectors of work like mining, road building, and small-scale horizontal construction tasks. 


A minimum of Grade 8 reading, and writing is recommended.

Break Down of HEO Programs

Year 1 – Rough grade Operator – (8-10 Weeks) Includes basic level safety courses as well as the required training for an operator to have a basic understanding of the equipment and how to use it efficiently.  We will develop basic maintenance skills by teaching pre-trip inspections, 50 and 500h inspections which the students will complete.  We will focus on tasks which develop the foundation skills required to find and maintain employment and set the students on the route to becoming a finish grade operator.

Year 2 – Finish Grade – This 8- 10 week course builds on the Rough Grade Operator training.  It will include a week of basic survey, reading grade stakes, and identifying the parts of a road.  We will focus on finish work with the equipment and raise the level of the technical practiced in year 1.  Entry onto this course can be challenged and if the student is able to candidate is able to pass the competency tested, they will be allowed on the course.

Year 3 – Supervisor – This is a leadership course that will be conducted in 2 phases.  If the students complete all 3 years of the HEO training, they will be looked at to become trainers with Arctic Response Canada Ltd.

Phase 1 – This portion of the training is not just for heavy equipment operators but for anyone who is in or will be in a leadership role.  We focus on basic managerial skills like building schedules, leading and planning small tasks, conducting interviews and accessing subordinates.

Phase 2 - This is heavy equipment specific.  We will teach students how to plan for and complete equipment related tasks, which will include everything from machine selection to running the tasks in an efficient manner.  We will focus on building reports, estimates, road construction, and safety procedures. 

Winter Operations – The Winter Operations course is a 5-week program that focuses on Snow and Ice Clearance (SNIC).  The students will be taught everything from basic cold weather maintenance to chaining up machines to conducting SNIC tasks in a safe efficient manner.

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