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The Arctic Response Class 1 MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training) commercial driver training offers entry level training for up to 8 personnel per intake.  This 5 – 6 weeklong driver training package offers proven high-quality training to all students old and new with the only prerequisites being having a non-GDL class 5 licence and being able to pass a drivers medical which is mandated by the government NT.   The students will also receive an Airbrakes endorsement at the beginning of the training.  All government tests will be arranged and when it comes to the drivers test we will provide the truck and trailer.   So far in NWT we have achieved a 100% pass and completion rate. Our instructors can travel to remote locations to conduct the training as long as the community is assessable by permanent or seasonal roads.


  1. To ensure the students have the entry-level driving skills to begin a successful career as a commercial driver. 

  2. To ensure the students have the knowledge and practical skills to successfully get an airbrakes endorsement.

  3. To create a foundation for safe and responsible driving.     

  4. To development positive driving attitudes and behaviours in new commercial drivers.

Other course included – Air Brake Endorsement

Module 1A – Introduction and orientation.

Module 1 – Licensing requirements.

Module 2 – Vehicles and control systems

Module 3 – Basic driving techniques.

Module 4 – Professional driving habits.

Module 5 - Off road tasks

Module 6 – Paperwork and documents

Module 7 – Vehicle inspections

Module 8 – Hours of service.

Module 9 – Cargo securement.

Module 10 – Handling emergencies on the road.

Module 11 – Air brakes

Preferred Class Size – 8 

Minimum Class Size – 6 

Maximum Class Size – 8 

Classroom portion- 40.5 hours 

In cab driving/lessons – 57

Air brakes training – 12 hours

Yard training (couple/uncouple and backing) – 12 hours

Cost- $12 500.00 / student

Prerequisites -   Non GDL Class 5 drivers’ licence, must complete a Commercial Driver’s medical.

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