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MAPP Career Test

Counselling Service

Provided By: Third Party Website

The 22-minute MAPP test comprises 71 different questions regarding your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, and should be taken rather quickly, since the ‘reflexive’ answer is preferable to the ‘intellectual’ answer.

The MAPP test has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists, including correlating the results to the Strong Interest Inventory®. Reliability studies also indicate that the MAPP test is consistent over time.

After completing the test, you can see your results immediately. Your personal test results are scored against over 1000 jobs, and you can see what jobs are the best fit, along with the education needed and career outlook.

123 Competency Test

Counselling Service

Provided By: Third Party Website

Assess your competencies with this free Competency test

  • "What are my strengths?" Compare yourself with others in the labor force
  • Measurement of the 16 most common and work-related competencies
  • With development tips for each competence
  • It takes 15-20 minutes to complete this test

Whitehorse Individual Learning Centre

Local Organization, Program

Provided By: YG Education - Advanced Education Branch

The purpose of the Individual Learning Center is to re-engage students in an educational setting in order to provide an opportunity for each student to achieve their high school graduation. It is the philosophy of the Staff that every student who enters our facility has the ability to complete their academic graduation requirements. At the ILC, we recognize that it takes a lot of courage for a student to re-engage in their educational journey and inquire about the possibility of completing high school.

Career Aptitude Test

Counselling Service

Provided By: Third Party Website

What career best fits your personality? This free career aptitude test can give you insight into your job personality. Based on a characterization of your personality in terms of Holland Code personality types, you will learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you best. The results of this career test provide you with a list of professions and occupations that fit your career personality.

Aurora Virtual School

Local Organization, Program

Provided By: Third Party Website

Aurora Virtual School is Yukon’s Distributed Learning (DL) school. As such, we are the newest public school program in the Territory.  At AVS, our programs meet all territorially mandated learning outcomes and are directed by highly trained, Yukon-certified, teachers.  

At AVS, we provide what has commonly been known as “distributed learning.” A more apt and current descriptor would be eLearning.  This is when a student is primarily at a distance from the teacher, and can be accomplished anywhere there is access to an Internet connection.  This means a student could be working at home, in another school, a public library or abroad. 

Working UP

Local Organization, Program

Provided By: YG Education - Advanced Education Branch

The Working UP program can help you:

  • take the next steps toward your work or learning goals;
  • improve literacy and essential skills;
  • increase your workplace skills and experience, including apprenticeship;
  • get workplace or learning support; and
  • explore options for self-employment.

Capacity Assessment Tool

Program, Project, Template

Provided By: YG Executive Council Office - Aboriginal Relations

Use this practical tool to identify your organizations strengths and weaknesses and plan strategically to build capacity. This tool guides you through a capacity assessment with tips, advice and worksheets.

This is a made-in-Yukon capacity assessment tool recognizing the unique Yukon governance landscape. It is based on local First Nation knowledge and recommendations, and on existing capacity assessment tools. It is designed to be an informative and practical tool that can be used at the departmental level within a government.

This tool was developed based on the recommendations from the Carcross Tagish First Nation, Kwanlin Dun First Nation, and the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation governments.

How to use the tool

The Capacity Assessment Tool includes an online-interactive work book and a the hard-copy work book.

There are five steps to consider and each step guides the department through a capacity assessment process.

  1. Organize and Plan helps with planning before conducting the assessment. It also involves determining and identifying a facilitator.
  2. Conduct Capacity Assessment is the work you need to do to complete a capacity assessment.
  3. Summarize and Interpret Results pulls all the information gathered into one organized document.
  4. Implement Recommendations moves actions forward and helps determine who is responsible for those actions.
  5. Evaluate allows participants to evaluate the assessment and determine how well it worked for the department.

Why do a Capacity Assessment?

Capacity is the power of a person, system or government to perform or produce. It is the ability of individuals or government units such as departments, to perform functions successfully.

Capacity assessment is a process to determine the existing ability of the government and its ability to perform required government functions.

The findings of a capacity assessment process can be the foundation for any of the following:

To inform future planning:

  • Strategic plan
  • Budget plan
  • Work plan

To identify requirements for departmental realignment (to meet goals and objectives of a strategic plan) operations, improvements or areas of strength:

  • Staff
  • Skills
  • Departmental knowledge

To plan for future change:

  • Transition
  • Succession planning
  • Reorganization
  • Project planning
  • Enhance staff training
  • Educational
  • Partnerships (First Nation government, Yukon College, Government of Yukon, etc.)

Resume Builder


Provided By: Third Party Website

This website will guide you through the steps of creating a resume from start to finish. Simply select a design, fill in your information, then download and print the resume!