Digital Skills for the Work World


Yukon Learn's two-week employment skills program consists of 6 hands-on modules that will assist people to gain basic computer and workplace skills they can use to find and keep suitable employment.

Module 1 - Computer Basics

Students will learn hands-on about the basic hardware functions of a personal computer and the Windows 10 environment. On completion this module they will be able to:

  • Turn a computer on and off properly and safely

  • Connect and use a keyboard and mouse

  • Describe and use the visible components of the Windows 7 desktop

  • Open, minimize, maximize, resize and close Windows

  • Organize files in hierarchical folder systems within libraries

  • Connect and disconnect removable media

Module 2 - Introduction to MS Word

Students will be introduced to Microsoft Word. On completion of this module they will be able to:

  • Open, edit and save an existing Word document

  • Create, edit, format and save a new Word document

  • Understand the ribbon and dialogue box system

  • Understand and use the more common ribbon functions

  • Print a document

  • Successfully complete assigned exercises

Module 3 - Resume and Cover Letter

Students will apply their understanding of Word to create a resume and cover letter. They will be provided with several examples of resume and cover letter formats to consider, along with a discussion of the merits of each. On completion of this module they will be able to:

  • Create, edit, format and save a resume and a cover letter

  • Understand and adapt an existing resume template

  • Understand and apply different layouts and styles

  • Understand the objectives of these documents and what to include

  • Use keywords, action words and power words to advantage

  • Send the documents as an email attachment

Module 4 - Job Search

Students will be introduced to basic job search strategies and will explore newspapers and online resources. On completion of this module they will be able to:

  • Read and interpret job ads

  • Access and use YuWin, the websites of major Yukon employers and other online job boards

  • Understand pro-active job search techniques such as networking and informational interviews

  • Conduct basic career planning using labour market reviews and online career guidance sites and self-assessment tools

  • Adapt their basic resume and cover letter to target specific job

Module 5 - Employment Related Soft-Skills

Students will consider some of the important soft skills that are important in the modern workplace. On completion of this module, they will understand the importance and application of:

  • Personal presentation

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Time management

  • Goal setting

  • Organizational habits

Module 6 - Cross-Cultural Awareness

Students will consider some of the issues involved in working in an ethnically diverse workplace and community. Many examples of cultural sensitivities will be provided and discussed. On completion of this module, they will have a basic understanding and appreciation of:

  • The meaning and application of Cross-Cultural Awareness

  • Degrees of cultural awareness

  • The significance and interaction of sub-cultures within established cultures

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