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Your learning journey begins here, with Canada’s leading procurement training organization. Your destination for intelligently crafted learning to advance your public sector career, or for any business owner that responds to government RFPs and needs to understand the foundations of public sector procurement in Canada. Learn from anywhere on any device.

Our online courses capture the latest legal, practical, and business developments to empower procurement professionals to improve contract outcomes.

By joining our FREE Community, you have automatic access to the following online courses:

· Conducting a Risk Assessment

· Foundations of Public Sector Procurement

· Skills Assessment for Procurement Professionals

· Course Previews: PSPP 101, PSPP 201, PSPP 203, PSPP 301

In addition, you can also connect with other community members or purchase a premium membership for further online, self-directed courses and resources.

If you are considering a career in public sector procurement, check out our Enrollment Justification Guide that provides a deeper understanding of how to justify the expense of procurement training to your employer, as well as how the Public Sector Procurement Program (PSPP) offers demonstrable ROI. You also have an approval letter template for your convenience. To get started, download the Guide here.

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