Respectful Workplace: Preventing Harassment and Violence


This new mobile-responsive eLearning course uses a scroll-down interactive design, where the learner moves at their own pace. The goals of this course are to:

  • Reduce incidents of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence,

  • Foster a culture of inclusion in workplaces, where employees feel not only tolerated, but welcome and respected, and

  • Provide awareness-level content that meets employers legislated and regulatory requirements for training in respectful workplaces.

Course content includes:

  • Distinguish disrespectful behaviour from bullying and harassment Identify the roles of employer and employee in prevention

  • Legislation and workplace policies Identify examples of bullying and harassment 

  • Respond to bullying/harassment as a target or witness 

  • Recognize warning signs of workplace violence 

  • Report violence appropriately Differentiate between diversity and inclusion 

  • Examining our own values and behaviour Case Study examples

  • Definitions

  • Elements of a typical violence program

  • Control methods

  • Procedures

Duration: This course consists of 1.5 hours of self-paced instruction.

Fees: $29.95 plus GST

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