Boost Your Creative Problem Solving


There are many ways to brew the office coffee. What if your co-workers are all trying to make the coffee, but taking conflicting approaches? What if you could harmonize your efforts to get the job done better? In this experiential session, identify different problem-solving styles and learn how to capitalize on them. The simple guided activities spark creative problem-solving skills, boost collaboration, and get your creative juices flowing. The session provides concrete tips and tools you can apply immediately in your workplace.

This one hour workshop is part of our Mini Workshop Series. 

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Leigh Ayton, AURORA Workshop Coordinator
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AURORA Workshops is a Yukon-based team passionate about helping people work better. We are part of LDAY (Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon) Centre for Learning. All workshops are locally designed and customizable to your needs. Training can be delivered on-site at your workplace, or we can arrange for off-site training. We offer very affordable rates. Please contact us for more information.
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