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Reporting to the Chief Finance Officer & VP Corporate Services, the Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, is responsible for responding to all regulatory matters for the Company which includes monitoring of telecommunication regulatory activities, responding to regulatory requirements, and communications with the CRTC. This includes providing strategic and tactical advice to the Senior Management and other positions at Northwestel on regulatory issues.

The focus of the position is to develop, defend and support the Company’s positions in major regulatory proceedings concerning matters of telecommunications policy. This involves developing and communicating proposed positions, achieving consensus within Northwestel. Preparation of written materials for filing with regulatory bodies (evidence, applications, responses to questions, argument); qualitative and quantitative analyses of the impact of regulatory proposals and regulatory decisions; summaries and analyses of the positions of other parties; and coordination of back-up material for oral proceedings. Leading intra-company teams responsible for various regulatory issues/activities, advising marketing, operations, and other staff in Northwestel to ensure the implementation of and compliance with regulatory decisions and policies, and liaise with CRTC staff and other regulatory bodies, and develop support for regulatory positioning among northern stakeholders such as the Governments. This position is also responsible for ensuring that Northwestel completes its regulatory reporting requirements.

The regulatory regime in the telecommunications industry is evolving very rapidly. Changes to regulatory regime have significant operational and financial implications for Northwestel. This position is to keep the Company abreast with up-to-date regulatory developments and issues, to craft tactics in response to regulatory proceedings initiated by the CRTC and Industry Canada, and to ensure that the Company’s views are considered in the process and that the Company’s interests are safeguarded.

The position is responsible for Privacy Compliance and must be familiar with the Company’s use of customer and employee confidential information and the methods of how this information is released when necessary. The position is responsible for leading internal privacy investigations and transferring knowledge about Privacy Regulations to senior managers to ensure Northwestel meets its privacy obligations.

Employment Equity 

Northwestel values diversity in the workplace and is committed to the goals of Employment Equity. We strive to achieve a skilled workforce that is representative of the population we serve, and as a Northern company, we are committed to the employment and career development of our Indigenous peoples. Please clearly indicate on your application if you are an Indigenous person, a woman, a person with a disability, or a visible minority if you wish to receive hiring preference.

Specific Accountabilities 

  • Lead teams of subject matter experts to develop the Company’s strategy, proposal and position on regulatory issues and compile information to analyze the impacts of regulatory framework on all aspects of the organization.
  • Identify and analyze issues affecting the Company, research and develop strategies, formulate proposals, and write the Company’s submissions.
  • Analyze the position or proposal put forward by other parties of the proceeding and if necessary, comment/ challenge their arguments; prepare counterarguments to defend the Company’s position.
  • Prepare and present policy proposals to the Executive team.
  • Assist Communications in formulating communication strategies to ensure that the governments, the media, various interest groups and the customers understand the Company’s positions.
  • Provide regulatory advice to assist the Company in making business decisions. through extensive understanding of the regulatory issues involved and the current regulatory rules applicable to the Company.
  • Research, gather information, and discuss with other telecommunication companies, and/or seek clarification from the CRTC.
  • Prepare applications to seek changes to CRTC regulatory policy or to remove certain restrictions imposed on the Company. Provide strong valid explanations to support applications. Provide the Executive Team with a strategic analysis to decide whether any such action should be taken.
  • Provide regulatory advice to Marketing, Business Development, and Sales, on the strategic issues and regulatory implications of their plans to make tariff changes or to introduce new tariffs. Formulate strategies to circumvent any regulatory barriers, if possible, while ensuring that the tariff applications are compiled with the regulations. Advice on the appropriate information to be provided to the CRTC to facilitate the approval process. Provide arguments to support the Company’s position or proposal in case of any intervention filed by interveners including customers, governments, and competitors. Review and approve all tariff applications.
  • Prepare and review other submissions to the CRTC such as the Company’s responses to customer complaints to the CRTC, Quality of Service reports, etc. Ensure consistency in all information provided to the CRTC and that they are not prejudicial to future submissions or damaging to the Company’s position in major regulatory proceedings.
  • Keep abreast of CRTC regulation and industry events. This involves reviewing CRTC decisions, orders and public notices, other telecommunication company submissions to the CRTC; and informing the executives, directors and managers of issues affecting the Company.
  • Develop and cultivate relationship with the Commission, Regulatory departments of other telecommunication companies and Northern Stakeholders such as local governments and advocacy groups.
  • Administer the budget for the Regulatory Department.
  • Provide advice to the Company on competition regulation issues deriving from CRTC and Competition Bureau regulations.
  • Lead privacy compliance investigations. Keep senior leaders abreast of privacy compliance issues.
  • Prepare economic models supporting business case proposals and business decision with respect to profitability of services, costs of providing services, and assisting with pricing of the services.
  • Provide training and coaching on performing economic analysis to others in the organization.

Knowledge And Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, or public administration. Master’s degree would be an asset.
  • Knowledge of regulatory economics and regulatory issues is required.
  • Five (5) to seven (7) years of regulatory affairs experience in the telecommunications industry or in a related public sector.
  • Broad and extensive knowledge of the nature and structure of the telecommunication industry as well as the underlying economic principles of various regulatory regimes.
  • Skilled in economic modeling, planning, interpersonal, and possess excellent communication (written and verbal) skills.
  • Ability to apply strong analytical and theoretical reasoning.
  • Knowledge of CRTC regulations.

What We Offer You

  • Health & Wellness Benefits, Pension Plan, Discounts 
  • Team Incentive Bonus
  • Paid Vacation with a Vacation Travel Allowance
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Community Involvement
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